Heat Of Love Lies And Divorce
Heat Of Love Lies And Divorce

Heat Of Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 10

‘Or else what? You’re gonna kill me? Well bring it on, I’ll be right here waiting for you but Abdul…you haven’t seen the last of me, I’ll make your life a living hell’ she hissed fiercely.

‘I don’t take the words of whores seriously’ He smiled

‘Why do you keep calling me that? I never threw myself at you, you pursued me. You made me fall in love with you with the hopes that you’ll marry me someday, everything I did, I did for you Abdul…and you’re judging me for it, you hurt me deeply with your words’ He had truly hit a nerve.

‘Well, I take it back, just stay away from me and my family’ he walked out without looking back.

Her knees felt weak and she moved over to the bed, how could Abdul break her heart like this? How could she have been so stupid? So blinded by his charms….

Yes, she had agreed to be his mistress but she’d developed feelings for him along the line. Now he would abandon her in her greatest time of need

‘No, I’m not going to take this, I would ruin your life first’ She pressed her phone carelessly, she had heard the name of the lounge he would meet his other girlfriend, that wasn’t his wife definitely.

‘Hello Faruk, it’s me Fafa, I need you to track someone down for me and take pictures with whoever he is with.’

‘Farida? Ya kike?’ her cousin who majored in computer science at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University inquired.

‘I’m not fine Faruk, remember Abdul? The guy I told you about? Well, he just dumped me for another woman after I told him I’m pregnant’ she sobbed

‘Yes I remember him, does he know your father is an Imam?’ he had always preached to his cousin to shun her mundane ways but she called him old fashioned. Now her life was a mess, if her father ever got to learn that she had been sleeping with a married man or being pregnant out of wedlock, she had a lot of explaining to do.

‘No, please help me Faruk, I need you to take pictures of him and this lady. Maybe if I threaten to show them to his wife, he could marry me or work out something. You know very well that father would kill me if he ever found out about this.’ She prayed it worked out.

‘Farida, I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. I’m only helping you because I know what the Imam is capable of. I’ll try and take these pictures. You’re quite lucky am still in town, I was to travel to Bauchi today but for some reason, I changed my mind’ he waited for her to speak up…

‘Would you help me please or you can ask someone you know can handle this kind of thing to do it for you?

‘I will help you. What’s the address and time for this meeting?’ he fetched his notepad.

He was an only child and had gotten very close to ‘Fafa’ as he usually called her, their bond was very strong and they were inseparable. He knew everything about Farida and from the way she sounded, he knew he had no other option than to help her no matter how much the idea of stalking someone irked him, he just had to do it.

‘Nagode, thanks very much.’ She ended the call.

Abdul would beg her soon enough, she hoped it worked out well

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 10

‘You don’t look too well, can I make you tea’? Sly stole a glance at his wife, she was fidgety like something was eating her up.

He poured himself a drink and pondered on Ben’s words earlier. Maybe his cousin was right, maybe he needed to give her space…he was the one who hurt her not the other way round. He would do just that but he prayed deep down nothing happened to their marriage.

Thankfully, the conference in Port Harcourt was starting in two days time, that would give Amaka enough time to heal.

‘I’m fine Sly, still not talking to you.’ she replied.

‘I know I know, that’s why I am leaving.’ He replied curtly.

‘You’re leaving? What’s that supposed to mean?’ She looked up at him immediately, what did he mean by ‘leaving’? was he about to divorce her?

‘It’s a one-week conference, I will be back, don’t miss me too much.’ He gulped his drink and left for the room, he was going to give her all the time she needed.

She was speechless, how would she stay in such a big house alone? This would be the first time Sly would be travelling without her or the baby, he always took them both on each trip.

She shrugged and relaxed on the couch, this was what she needed, alone time to think about her marriage and  Ben’s kiss. She didn’t know what to do with that. Zee hadn’t told her what to do, should she tell Sly? But what if  Ben had no intentions? What if it was pure and natural or impulsive? Maybe she should talk to him but she needed to get his number first from Sly and that meant talking to him.

No, that would be too much an option, so she decided to take the easy way out.

‘Sly can I use your phone and surf the web for a minute?’ She hoped he would buy this… She needed to talk to Ben soon.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 10

Her phone vibrated against the table and she quickly picked it up, it was Edima.

‘Hi girl how are you doing? Amy was pleased to hear her friend’s voice

‘Amaka, I’m fine. Zee told me you guys met today and Lola eventually showed up’ Edima responded feeling quite lonely at the other end.

‘Yea, so Zee mentioned stuff about the guy you told us about, do you mind letting me in?’ Amaka asked.

‘Well nothing much, I met him in church on Sunday, surprised?’ she asked her friend.

‘Wow, are you sure he isn’t a stalker? Amaka replied.

‘Funny, no, he came with a lady whom he introduced to me as his best friend. She didn’t like me, I could tell from the look of her face at church’ Edima sighed and wondered what next she could do, Zainab had adevised her to let it go but she couldn’t.

She’d torn his complementary card no doubt and that was very foolish of her. He still occupied her thoughts which confused her the more as she barely knew this guy.

‘Best friend? Okay… So what went wrong?’ Amy inquired.

‘Well, I waited for his call for hours then I finally summoned courage and called him, only for June to pick the phone and warn me to back off, that Omale is in a relationship. I felt so horrible and embarrassed like I threw myself at him.’

‘Who is June again’? Amaka felt like squashing her skull for making Edima feel this miserable

‘His best friend. I don’t know what to do Amy, I can’t seem to get this guy out of my mind. Please tell me I am going crazy. I need help, someone who couldn’t even call me.’ She was already sobbing at the other end. When she’d finally gotten over Fred, she’d fallen for someone who was n0t serious about her. She had been a fool.


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