Heat Of Love Lies And Divorce
Heat Of Love Lies And Divorce

Heat Of Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 14

‘What did he say?’ Her cousin asked immediately she dropped the phone carelessly on the table.

‘He says he cannot support the child, what do I do Faruk? I’m so scared of having an abortion, when I remember how  Faiza my bestfriend  bled to death from abortion. I find it difficult so even consider that option and father would kill me if her finds out.’

‘You have to tell his wife then. Meanwhile, here are the pictures from last week’ He handed his cousin the pictures.

‘He is such a bastard, I would ruin him’ her words were bitter.

‘You have to let his wife know about the pregnancy’ Faruk beckoned to a waitress

‘What would I achieve from ruining his marriage? Abdul lied to me, he never loved m. Even if he marries me, I’ll be a sorrowful woman till my death…’ she exhaled slowly…

‘It doesn’t matter, let him face this responsibility, I fear for you if the Imam should find out.’

‘I pray he doesn’t, I really pray he doesn’t’

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 14

‘Are you sure you can do this on your own’? Femi held her hands with his, he’d felt guilty about the whole damn thing, yes, it was his fault she’d had an affair with Abdul…

‘Yes, Lola and Edima would be coming over, I think I should tell them first, I’m so scared.’ She  cried as regret filled her once more.

‘Do you want me to stay around?’ he asked

‘I would love it if you do but your appointment is very important, I wouldn’t want you to miss that.’ She blew her nose…

Why couldn’t she ever be happy? When things had been off between her and Femi, Zee was the shoulder she cried on. Zee was her comfort and now things had turned around for good. She still wasn’t happy with the mistakes she’d made.

‘I would stay baby, I would talk to your friends, if necessary.’ He knew the girls didn’t like him much because of how he’d treated Lola all along the years, but he’d changed and hoped he would be in their good books…

‘I’m really surprised at your sudden change Femi, why are you not judging me for having an affair with Zainab’s husband? Tell me, why are you so nice?’ Was he fooling her?

‘I am for real, why would I fool you. What would I gain from it?’ He wrapped his hands around her. Yes, the change was sudden, he was even afraid of himself but the trip to France changed him forever, after what he’d seen in the airport.

‘Tell me Femi, why are you being so kind?’ Talking to him made her relax, she was happy but not content. She needed Zee’s forgiveness to make everything perfect.

‘Okay, I saw a couple at the airport, the woman was blind, she wore shades and held a stick and her husband walked behind her. I’ve heard stories of people marrying invalids but this came as s surprise to me and I noticed they were happy, chatty and just perfect. Then they walked to where I sat and settled beside me. I heard their conversation and it seemed they didn’t have children. The scene really touched me and I knew I had been a fool all along, if a blind woman can make a man happy. What else do we need for us to be happy? We don’t need kids to be happy, we’ll do fine by ourselves’ He kissed her forehead.

‘I love you Femi.’ She was speechless, he really meant those words.

‘And I could never judge you, though I feel jealous but you’ve ended things with Abdul and I’ve done worse  things to you. You, however, must prepare your mind for possibilities. Zainab may never speak to you again, or it may take her a very long time to be friends with you again, to trust you again. Are you sure you’re ready?’ he asked

‘Yes, I considered that but it’s worth trying. I need her to see that I am sorry. I betrayed her and she would hate me for it but one day, I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me…’ her voice was shaky.

‘I guess your friends are here.’ Femi announced as the horn blared.

‘Alright, let me go get it’ she rose up quickly.

‘Call me if you need me’ he waved at her, still not ready to face her friends.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 14

‘Something bothers you Abdul, what is it?’ She noticed her husband was awefully quiet.

‘I just have a lot on my mind, it’s about work. But I won’t let that get in the way of our date’ he kissed her briefly and brought the car to a halt.

‘I’m liking this place already’ She eyed the classy restaurant admiringly

‘Yes, it’s new  and guess what?’ he reached for her hands.

‘What darling’? she couldn’t take her eyes off the building.

‘They serve a lot of Hausa dishes, let’s go in and enjoy ourselves. We could get icecream for Aisha when we’re done’ He held her possessively.

Farida’s call made him nervous. Why couldn’t she just get rid of the damn pregnancy! She wanted to ruin him, what had he gotten himself into?

‘Let’s sit over there….’ Zainab suggested and they moved to the corner of the large hall.

The restaurant was fairly crowded and the air was scented with a plethora of aromas, Zainab licked her lips excitedly, what more could a woman want? She had everything, the money, the kids and the best husband on earth.

‘I love you honey.’ She stroked his hands.

‘I love you too baby, what would we have?’ He answered dryly

Then he blinked as he saw her. His heart raced and his face went white with shock, was Farida stalking him?

‘Are you okay?’ Zainab noticed the change in him. Without hesitation, she followed his gaze and found him staring at his secretary.

‘Isn’t that Farida?’ Zee noticed the girl was with a younger man and they were deeply engrossed by whatever they talked about.

‘Yes, I wonder what she’s doing out here when she’s supposed to be working,’ He feigned anger. He was damned. What if she decided to spill everything to Zainab right there? he would be damned.

‘Let me get something from the car, call the waiter.’ He rose abruptly and walked towards the car. He had to do something, he needed to call Farida and pacify her; he would work out something.’

‘Oh, I’ll be waiting…’ Zee wouldn’t tear her eyes of the girl as Abdul walked out.

As if sensing someone had been watching her, she turned and met Zee’s penetrating gaze and she froze.


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