Heat Of Love Lies And Divorce
Heat Of Love Lies And Divorce

Heat Of Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 2

‘I thought she  was married? Where is your husband? Meanwhile I love your gown, it suits you perfectly.’ June observed the gloom that spread on Omale’s face, had she said something bad?

‘Uhmmm… Not really.’ Edima forced the pain that clogged her throat. Had he really believed she was married?

‘it’s okay, you don’t have to answer that. June here is my bestfriend and she could be very blunt at times.’ Omale looked from June to Edima.

‘Sister Edima, I can’t believe this… How have you been?’ Mrs  Shola walked briskly towards them…she was the pastors’s wife and head of the women fellowship.

‘Good day Madam,’ Edima rose to acknowledge her.

‘Mummy good afternoon…’ June flashed the woman her sweetest smile.

‘Ah, my daughter June, Brother Omale, it seems you three know each other.’ The woman was super excited that Edima had returned to church.

‘Yes it seems so…’ Omale replied cheerfully. So Edima had worshipped here before? Well, he had recently started worshipping with the ‘Grace Arena’ church for a year now, it was June that cajoled him to leave his church for hers and he liked it there.

‘Edima I’ll see you later, before you leave. Have fun.’ She waved the trio goodbye.

‘Wow! So you’ve worshipped here before? How come I know nothing about you?’ June was curious.

‘I haven’t been to church for three years now,’ Edima replied wondering why June was so nosy…

‘You look beautiful,’ Omale complimented her…

‘You too,’ she smiled shyly.

‘I really have to go now as June had rightly said, my elder sister is having a party and we cannot be late so here’s my card or better still let’s exchange contacts, I’ll call you.’ He handed her his complimentary card.

‘It’s okay’ she dialed her number into his cell phone.

‘Hurry will you?’ June stamped her feet like an over-pampered child.

‘Patience is a virtue,’Omale winked at her.

‘Here it is’ She handed him the phone.

‘Edima, what’s the meaning of your name? I know you’re from Akwa-Ibom or Cross River, we share some boundaries’ he aked.

‘Edima means ‘my love or my beloved’ whichever one. Where are you from?’ she returned his question.

‘Benue. I think I would store your name as  ‘my love’ he stared intently into her eyes to see her reaction.

‘Oh, that sounds nice,’ she fiddled with her scarf.

‘Okay my love, let me go for that party. I would call you and text you everyday, is that okay?’ He asked as he joined the impatient June.

‘Yes, ofcourse.’ her insides tingled with excitement and hope.

‘Bye dear….’ He waved at her and walked off with June who didn’t spare her a glance.

‘Bye…’ she whispered softly and pressed her palm to her beating chest. Why did he have to be so sweet? And what was June to him? She’d observed the way he related with her, they were platonic friends but she still wasn’t comfortable.

She glanced briefly at the card and smiled…this one was a Doctor eh? He was an Optic surgeon who owned  a hospital.

She concluded right there, that Omale Ibrahim was one of the most humble men she’d come across, she couldn’t wait to see the girls and tell them about this.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 2

The yellow Sunday sun had receded  to a dull orange colour and it became evening for many. Some decided to stay home with their family while some decided to hang out with their friends. Sundays were always special.

‘I hope she’s okay…’ Amaka checked her phone for the ninth time, still no message or call from Lola. She needed to get in touch with her friend.

The house was abnormally quiet, yes, things had changed now since the day he confessed having a torrid affair with his secretary, nothing was ever going to be the same.

Thankfully, his cousin Benson had gone out. His presence had made her feel self conscious in a weird way. She’d only felt that way in their early days of marriage.

Benson was trouble and she decided to keep her distance, he was an angel and sometimes during meals she found his eyes straying to her breasts. Was she being paranoid? But she began to relish it.

She’d forced herself to come watch t.v because she was struggling to focus on other things save for Ben. She didn’t know what had gotten into her but she assured herself it was nothing harmful, how could she think of another man who wasn’t her husband? And there she was punishing Sly for his sins.

Gladly, Benson would be vacating to the hotel he booked, that would save from tension and keep her relaxed for her next photoshoot for  MODA MAGAZINE, a magazine for young wives and mothers. One of her hairdressers had given her information about the photoshoot and being well placed in the fashion industry, she meandered her way to being the only selected mother for the shoot.

Sundays had always been fun before Sly ruined everything with his cheating ways, usually they  bathed the baby and put him to sleep, then they would spend the whole evening playing their favorite game, Scrabble and making love to each other…

She turned off the television angrily. Why did he have to cheat? Those feelings of inadequacy filled her once again and she hated him the more. How could he hurt her this way?

‘Baby….’ Sly walked into the living room determined to win his wife back….

She spared him a glance and riveted her eyes back to the phone in her hands…

What did he want now?

‘Amy please talk to me. How long would you ignore me, I am still your husband,’ he pleaded and sat beside her on the cushion but she shifted away angrily.

‘Can’t you stay on your own Sly? Why do you have to be in and about my business?’ she hissed loudly. Thank Goodness Odinaka was soundly asleep.

‘I can’t Amy, your silence is killing me, I love you baby, I miss you so much.’ He shifted close to her.

‘Oh, come off it! I know how you act when you’re horny. If that’s what you want you should’ve just said it instead of lying to my face.’ She watched his face.

‘I am deeply sorry I hurt you Amy, I would never cheat on you again. Have this…’ he handed her some papers he’d gotten from his doctor.

‘What’s this’? She was hesitant.

‘test papers…I don’t have any S.T.D….i am clean Amy…I made a mistake and I promise never to repeat it again.’ He knelt before her.

‘if you want to have sex with me, just grab your condom. Remember our deal?’ She threw the papers to his face and walked deeper to the room…

She stopped and stared at the mirror…was she ready to do this?

‘Amy….’ Sly walked towards her and tried pulling her into his arms but she resisted.

She fell into the bed and supported her waist with a pillow.

‘What are you doing’? he asked bewildered by her actions.

‘Come and do it. Hurry!’ She spread her legs apart and beckoned to him impatiently.

‘Do what? What’s this Amy?’

‘What Doyin gave to you, just get done with it,’ she fixed her eyes to the wall.

‘Amaka, I don’t believe this’ he climbed the bed and reached her…

‘Don’t lay those hands on me…’ she jerked away.


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